Dorrie the Witch

Shawn's Graduating!!!!

I'm very excited! Shawn is graduating on saturday with an AA in Aviation from Foothill College. Now he can apply to Santa Clara as a transfer student for next fall.
He even gets to wear a cap and gown.
I am so proud of him :)
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Dorrie the Witch

Happy Friday

It's friday, half of my workday is over and I am almost completely caught up with my work.
Today is a good day.
This weekend, I get to spend saturday following the Pricess of the Mists around at Boar Hunt and having Eibhlin's fondue. Plus a feast. I love winter SCA events.
Sunday I get to clean house. This is not the most enjoyable thing, but if I can get at least the kitchen and living room cleaned, then I can get a Christmas tree. I have to finally find a home for all of our wedding presents. Shawn will be studying for finals all weekend, so he will not be helpful, but at least he won't be in the way.
As long as I stay relatively healthy, this should be a great weekend!
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Dorrie the Witch

I have walls!

It's such a little thing. We had to move our offices across the hall because the University President's office and the Provost liked our old space better than the empty space. They made us move so that they could have the space that they wanted.
For some in our office, this was a bad thing. They had beautiful work areas and now they have completely different spaces.
For me, this move was very good. My desk was the walkway to get to my bosses area. This means that I was exposed to everyone who walked through. Now I have walls and a doorway and people who want to come into my cube, want to see me.
Now I just need to figure out how I want to decorate.
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Dorrie the Witch

First Posting

Greetings All!
I've been lurking on LJ for a while and decided that I should at least post something. Since I am now a married woman, I don't have to deal with all of the wedding crap any more (except thank you notes) and so I have a little more time. That said, starting this saturday, I will be part of Quentyn and Leohtulf's court for the next 6 months. It's is a great way to get back in to the SCA after a year of mostly inactivity, but I will also be a little stressful.
I will try to post a little more often now. I love keeping up with you all, but I should also share as well.
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